Feb. 12, 2021

Be Kind

Be Kind

In addition to everything captured in episode 5, I wanted to mention the perspective I gained for our healthcare workers through this ordeal; especially the ones in the ICU.

After my father passed away, we had people thank us for that decision because there are so many families who will not let go at the expense of the person, and seeing those people suffer takes a toll on the care workers that support them. In this scenario I had always thought of the families, but never the doctors and nurses supporting the indisposed.

With covid, hospital restrictions are tight about allowing visitors. While my heart will always be broken that we could not see my dad in person before he started the ventilator, I now also appreciate that there is someone on the phone that has to tell all the sad/angry families they are not allowed. I cannot imagine the stacking emotional toll this takes. It is not their policy, but they are on the frontline having to enforce it.

If you interact with these healthcare workers, be kind.