Jan. 27, 2021

Guy behind the guy

Guy behind the guy

Lethal amounts of enthusiam and a willingness to help those I care about are two of my primary attributes (supported by recent Clifton Strength Finder results, which I will share in another post). With this in mind, it should be no surpise that when someone in my cirlce could use help with something, I subconciously find myself asking how I can help. This is especially true with business oppertunities. This, in itself, sounds like a positive; who doesn't want to help the people they care about? If I really take a step back and anaylze things through the lens of fear/oppertunity, something else becomes more clear - I'm scared.

I am scared to be THE guy. The one that owns something. The person who has all responsibility for something. The pillar that all success and failure falls upon. The guy who makes hard commitments to things. It is much easier to just support those people and not carry any of the risk directly. Yes, I have started my own business(s), but they are of the format from performing online and I have total control over growth. The problem with this is I find creative ways to justify not growing instead of creating oppertunity and allowing risk. For my coaching business, this means growth is only organic (word of mouth), but I never publicly asked for clients. Why? The surface answer is I don't want to commit more time to coaching, so keeping less clients gives me more flexibility. The real answer? I'm scared to fail. The thought of putting myself out there to recruit new clients and having no one sign up would crush me.

So, time to take my own medicine. Starting fear faced was a huge step into this realm, but that doesn't mean I can get comfortable. A big announcment is coming soon that forces me into full spotlight and will push me well beyond the limits of my comfort zone; stay tuned!