Jan. 22, 2021

Help for Small Businesses

Help for Small Businesses

2020 was a rough year for most small businesses (and people in general). Like many folks, I found myself frustrated with things beyond my control. It was (and still is) a constant battle to not get sucked into the hype/drama of the the mainstream media and get upset over things that do not impact my daily life. A big part of living a life of oppertunity instead of fear is not giving others control over your emotions, so this has become an important daily action for me and aligns well with the stoic mindset that generally serves me well. Feel the emotions to better understand yourself, but don't let that dictate the decisions you make; a parallel with not making decisions based on fear. A dose of logic and calculation in the moment of fear or overwhelming emotion is a pinnacle of self-control.

My focus for 2021 was to concentrate on my own sphere of control; do more in my local community and within my realm of friends/family/contacts. This is the zone I can have a real impact in and make decisions that bring myself and the people I care about the most value. Along those lines, if you own or work for a small business I would love to give you a free shout-out on the podcast. Send me a picture and a small blurb about the business and I will work with you to get it in an episode.

Lets all do more in the micro to help have a net impact on the macro.