Jan. 5, 2021

Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 1 - Introduction

A short Introduction of the host and what the podcast is all about.





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Welcome to the first official fear faced podcast. We will get into who I am, why the name fear faced, and why I am even bothered doing a podcast, How the podcast cadence and rollouts gonna look at some short term first goals for myself. And for the listeners, let's go.

The host with the most Actually, I just started so there's nothing to boast, still raise a glass to toast chill man, this isn't a  roast, like Malone I post,  from coast to coast, it's time for your podcast dose. My name is Reed Roman Smith, had to drop that middle name in their strong Roman proud Ukrainian heritage Ukraine where the sky is blue and the wheat is gold. A family man, one of the lucky few to really meet the love of my life. And we have three amazing children ranging from a baby to a teenager. So you can imagine we get to enjoy all of the bountiful joy that brings. For work by day, I'm a cloud admin and architect and also own my own coaching business, primarily strength coaching, personal training and nutrition coaching. For hobbies in no particular order, cooking gaming and guns. I'm talking about the guns you shoot not the ones that are under my sleeves. guns because I'm a redneck, some have called me a redneck renaissance man. And by some I mean absolutely nobody ever. So why a podcast and Why fear faced. I've always loved challenging myself. I became pretty aware of that probably three or four years ago, and started to consciously try new things actually make lists of things I want to do. And attack those things consciously, indirectly. I've had success with that. But I am very easily distracted. very much a lots of irons in the fire top a guy or like a start lots of things and kind of leave them unfinished and have trouble really focusing on one thing and seeing it through all the way to the end. So while still has access a lot of room for improvement, and wasn't using any particular model or trying to go about things and replicate things I was successful with. See how that carried over to other topics. around October 12 of last year. So 1012 2020 The Art of Manliness podcast, one of my favorite podcast hosted by Brett McKay, please check it out if you have not before. Episode 651 had a host written a book called fear as fuel that hosts was Patrick Sweeney. And I don't remember exactly what I was doing, I'm sure was yard work outside. It's usually when I listen to podcast, and do something with my hands and still pay attention keep my brain occupied. Fear is fuel really talked about how all of our excuses are rooted in fear. And to break through that and really improve as a person. You have to be honest, and highlight those things, break down those excuses. Examine the fear and then decide you know what small steps you can make to start really embracing it and pushing into it and through it to come out better on the other end, shared his personal journey, personal story, just amazing health, the things he was most fearful of turned out to be the most rewarding things he's ever done.

So this is one of those podcasts that when I heard it, we've all have a story, you know, where they read a book, or maybe you read a quote, I heard a quote, watch a movie. Sometimes you just hear see something at the exact right time in your life or really just kind of floored you. You just feel it hit in the chest, you're like, wow, you know, that was really, really powerful and profound. That's really how I felt when I heard that podcast. So I never really listened to a podcast episode. But this one, I immediately stopped what I was doing, and played it again, with my full attention. And since I've heard that back in October, so a few months ago, has been recorded January 3 2021. I haven't been able to change my perspective on things now. I'll look at everything very much the way you know, what's the root cause of this? What's the fear that's causing me to make this excuse? You know, we all say we don't have time for things. Well, I just I'm not that interested in it. Bla bla bla, whatever it may be, but really honest with ourself, write down the excuse, break it apart, you'll find that there is a fear in there if something you know, fears usually, of the unknown or unexpected. It's not being afraid of The actual thing, it's not being prepared for the thing and knowing what to expect and how you're going to react to it. So the goal of this podcast, it originally started, it was I was gonna do a YouTube series. So just once a month, I was gonna make a YouTube video saying, This is how I challenge myself, I'm doing this to hold myself accountable, I think I'd be missing out on an opportunity with that path to bring other people in, you know, friends, family, people, they're gonna listen to this, bring them in and share their experiences. I know lots of people that have been through really challenging things, and have consciously decided to embrace it, and push through it to some amazing stories, amazing people. So I'd like to have be more balanced of Yes, this is to keep me accountable in my personal journey with how I'm going to continue to challenge myself use fear as fuel. But I also want to share the stories people have done it successfully. And share the stories of, you know, things people are in the middle of including myself. So this is not just a, you wrap it up, put a bow on it and talk about it very much. Here's what I'm going to force myself to do in the next 30 days. And I'm going to have to do it and report back on it. And if I maintain consistency with that, then what happens in my own life is whether you realize it or not, you become less controlled by fear. So even those who feel like you know, they're making all the decisions, they've got pretty good control over life. You know, there's a subconscious component to this, where if things we're afraid of really do guide, the decisions we make during the day and a lot of them are subconscious and we don't realize it's happening. So the bigger the light, you can shine into your fears, and get a better awareness of what they are and how they're dictating what you do. Over time, you alleviate that fear and you give yourself more freedom. Indirectly from a book, there's a small insert from the fears fuel book, it says most of us know fear is the unwanted force that drives phobias, anxieties, and unhappiness. And this inhibits self actualization, ironically, fears the underlying phenomenon that heightens awareness and optimizes physical performance. And it can drive ambition, courage, and success. harnessing fear can heighten emotional intelligence, and bring success to every aspect of your life. This is where the fear faced name came from, it's very much about facing fears. And also about changing the face of fear. You know, if you if you say to somebody, you know, what's the face of fear, or draw a picture about the word fear, it's usually gonna be something scary or sad, depressing.

So I really want to change start to change that for myself. And you know, for those that are close to me, and those that will listen to this is to really kind of isolate fear, and see it as an opportunity, not an obstacle. But really take it from being something that has these negative associations and emotions connected to it, isolate it, and see, at least make it neutral, if not positive. You know, thinking about, you know, my own journey, the things that identify that I'm fearful of that I'll get into later in the podcast, if I can, successfully pushed through those things, is going to make me exponentially a better person compared to anything else I could do with my time. So you know, you've been doing something for a long time, even the more you practice it, you're still you still have diminishing returns, you're really, really good at becoming better in the beginning of something and then you hit a certain threshold, and then it takes, you have to start putting in a lot more input to get less output. And that's true, you know, the longer it goes on. But with this, you know, each fear you conquer, there's not really, you know, fear may feel more fearful than others. But as long as you're consistently conquering one, it's going to get easier to do continue to do so. So starting with the smaller ones that may feel easier is an important part of the recipe to conquering. You know, the major ones facing the fears, fear faced, past tense faced, really, again, holding myself accountable. I'd like to post at least one podcast a month for my personal journey. So that means I'm going to face at least 12 fears in 2021. And if I'm able to increase that pace, I will do it more frequently. But I'm not gonna let myself slow that pace down, no matter what the fear is, how big a deal it is, and what it feels like, I'm going to directly challenge it. And that might not mean I'm successful with it. But if I fail, I'm going to share that experience and try again until I don't feel. So as I mentioned before, I'll be sharing those once a month. Starting next month, I'll also be doing monthly interviews. And it's very important to give people a platform to share them. experiences, their challenges. We can all learn from that, you know, that's the, the other part, the wisdom. It's not just what we experience, but it's gaining taking the knowledge of things we are, we hear and see the other people have went through using their experience, and improving our own experience. So really important to add that. And sometime in the first quarter, I will be doing an official book review the fears fuel book I mentioned, was a game changer. For me, I want to dedicate a full podcast episode, going through the high points of that book, and the method and how I'll be applying it to my journey and how you should be applying it to yours. I'm pleased to report that just releasing myself into this medium into the unknown, was me stepping into a fear. I've never done anything like this, of my own accord. And I've been on other podcasts before. And I enjoy it. But really, I have no idea how to set them up how to manage the back end. So again, that was an excuse, I'm not gonna do that cuz I don't know how to do it. But a dedicated some time, learned what I needed to set up on the back end, got it all set up, then recording the podcast. This is the easy part for me, I just get to talk to myself in a microphone. When it's all done and recorded and hitting that Publish button. That's the scary part, putting yourself out there, criticism, worrying about what people think about you what they think about the podcast, get to let all that go and just step into it. So here it is, this is me stepping into it. It was the sound effect of me stepping in it, you didn't pick up on that. So since I've done this once now, I'd expect that every month I continue to do this, it's going to get easier and easier. That's going to make it even easier to focus on other fears. I'll be dedicating less resources, being anxious about the podcast, and more resources, challenging myself and doing good interviews of the awesome guests I'm going to have on here. So another short term goal I have to show some transparency is professional certifications, I mentioned that I am a cloud administrator and architect. By day, I've been doing that for, let's say 10 years, but 10 years now, I've done a very poor job at getting professional certifications,

I have been able to coast on my reputation. And the people I work with, you know, I'm I'm good at what I do focus a lot on building relationships and taking care of the people around me. So I've been able to crush interviews, still have a good resume without having the actual professional certifications. So as I was updating my resume at the end of last year, you know, realized it really is a part of the largest hole, I have an experience. Now I've got 10 years of actual work experience in the field. You know, I need to I should have more certifications to show for that. So I was sort of thinking to myself, Why Why have I not really done that. And the excuses in the past when I don't have time or I don't really need them. But if I'm honest about it, break it apart. Because I was scared to fail. I haven't failed at my job. So I didn't want to do something professionally, that I could fill it. So studying for these certifications and taking a test I'm putting myself in a position that I can objectively fail. It's not subjective, it's not what I think about it is subjectively you failed or passed this. And I'm really uncomfortable with that. If I failed a certification test that would shake my professional courage that I've that I have. So my goal for this month, January 2021. For my next chicken is I'm going to get a professional certification relevant to my field and report back on that. I'll share more of those details about what the cert is on the next podcast. But that's just me being honest about a whole lot half and something that I'm consciously directing resources and energy to to conquer. And like posting this podcast was a good first step getting that first certification. Well, I've had other certifications was spent a long time but getting this first certification. The last, what eight years, it's going to be a big step to getting more certifications and will continue to get easier and easier and not have that fear of failure. And if I do fail, embracing that failure, and use it as a form to improve. Now let you know what my short term goals are for January. I'd like for you to think of one for yourself. January sort of a new year. Some of you have probably already made a new year's resolution If not, should definitely pick one. Whether, under the format of a new year's resolution or part of this exercise, something you've been putting off that you want to do. Some really important to write that down and not just keep it in your head. Once you write it down, you can start breaking that goal up into smaller, achievable parts. And those smaller parts are going to help you highlight any fears that may have been getting in the way and creating obstacles for you towards your goal. I would love to hear about those goals. You can reach me email read at fear face.com. Instagram is fear underscore faced. I'd love to hear about new goals you have. If you've challenged and conquered a fear in the past. I would love to hear about that and potentially get you on the podcast for an interview. But thank you for sticking through this first introductory podcast. I know what's wrong is by understanding of the technology improves, the quality of the podcast will also improve. So thank you for your time. I hope you have a great January 2021 and that's crush this year together. Cheers